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Just in case anyone at all is still at giga_house, please remove this journal from your friendslist. I'm guessing the community is dead, so I'm making this journal my personal creative journal for icons, fics, and whatever else I feel like posting with it. Thanks for the good times, I enjoyed the game. If there's ever a revival, let me know!

... I fail so hard. ;~;

Roy/Sheik/Marluxia-mun here. Okay. Uh. First off... Major, major apologies to everyone who I've been roleplaying with! The past few months have been absolutely insane, what with finals and car crashes and getting a new job [which I'm still adjusting too] and I'm afraid that roleplayings just been the last thing on my mind. Sadly, this means I've neglected you guys horribly, and I'm really, really sorry. It wasn't intentional, and I haven't given up on this place! I've pretty much settled in at the new job and things are calming down a little, so I should be able to give this place more attention from now on...

Again, apologies to all!

Second... since I want to get re-activated in this place, if anyone is interested in roleplaying with any of my characters, give me a shout! Please and thank you~

- Sobakasu
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I am just here to say, that I will not be here from the June 28th to July 2nd because of Anime Expo! =D So I won't reply to some stuff anytime soon.

I am planning to cosplay as Xenosaga II Jin, since I have the hair. But I may or may not do it. Either way, I hope to see you there if you are going/cosplaying. =3
Are you Nobody?

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Just a quick apology to Saïx-mun and Toushiro-mun because I know we've got a thread just started, but I'm not going to be on for another week, unless I get lucky and can spend a couple more days at my cousin's house. I don't have internet access at home, so I can't get on-line often during the summer.

I will be on from June 29 to July 6 because I will be house-sitting for my dad's boss again, so hopefully we can get in some RPage then.

Again, really sorry. That's just how things are for me.

So, all my characters are going to be on semi-hiatus until September. ;_;

Love y'all.

Let's Rock


Okay, since summer is slowly coming into full bloom I figure a couple of our RPers will be coming back if they still play around here (point in case, MYSELF).

So I was thinking of a couple ideas, NUMBER 1:
A plot between Axel and Demyx, mostly Axel mind you, they were thinking of a camp out, how many would be interested in having their characters participate?

NUMBER 2: I was thinking that since Summer's just around the bend, having a party or maybe a dance? I think though we shouldn't do a live group chat because that means we all have to arrange our time schedules, but could just say maybe the dance is going on and have people post their own little separate threads or something like that, pretty much what we've been doing.

NUMBER 3: Still conversing this with Toushiro's-mun, but since our handy-dandy little ice maker can do just that, make ice, a skating party in the middle of summer thanks to him, 'course, we'd need a lil Xemnas to help persuade him. ^_~ I think if Demyx asked he'd just get shot. Too bad we don't have Vexen here. o.o

We do this over in Suiko_RPG a lil, basically someone announces a tournament with a prize, characters who want to enter can, go on AoL and do the rolling system thing, and perhaps we can toy with the idea of actually RPing the fight out (after the roll has been done of course, RP threads here can take up to months, I don't think anyone wants to wait that long) and whoever emerges at the top gets a prize!
What's the prize? Heck I don't know, give some ideas! ^_^
Maybe a drawing too for the winning-mun who just happens to be so darned lucky. o.o
I'd be willing to try, just don't question me on quality or how long it will take to get done... (Toushi's-mun can atest, I've been working on that Toushiro/Xemnas pic for months! @_@)

So, ideas, like, dislike? Drop a comment, drop some of your own ideas, summer's here guys let's have some fun! :D
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Okay, I am having some difficulties with am and cannot log into WanderlustingK. So, for anyone who wishes to RP with me, you can still get a hold of me over YIM or MSN or you can try my temporary AIM, zekushion69.

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Alright, I have a week long job coming up next week that will involve me watching my dad's boss' house and pets, but he's said that I can use his computer so long as I don't do anything illegal. So, I'll be on a lot next week if any of y'all want to catch me for RPage. However, I'll be driving a hour to and from school everyday, because the guy's house is in the next county over from my hometown, so there will be a good three to four hour chunk of time when I'm not available.

Basically, if you want to catch me for RP stuffs, don't expect me to be on from 7:00am to 11:00am. Pacific time, that is.

All my IMs are listed in my characters' profiles and I'll be on them whenever possible, so please feel free to contact me for RP. <3